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default Rowaphos

Post by Dolphin Aquamarine on Tue 06 Jun 2017, 15:29

Now you can Feed your Fish and Not your Algae
In freshwater or salt water aquariums phosphates will feed nuisance algae which can overrun plants and expensive corals spoiling the aesthetics of the tank and in extreme cases killing its inhabitants.
Within the reef aquarium, phosphates will greatly affect the formation of coral skeletons by reducing calcification by over 50% and by inhibiting the deposition of strontium. It is suggested by Borneman that phosphates are a direct poison to calcification.
RowaPhos is a unique and patented, man made ferric hydroxide material chemically engineered for the efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and salt water, having initially been developed in Germany for treating mains water supplies.
RowaPhos should not be confused with natural materials, which are generally based on aluminium oxide, (zeolite) or even other iron based products which claim to be the same product from other manufacturers.

ROWAPHOS 100ML , 250ML , 500ML , 1000ML , 5KG

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Import fish specialist , Set up New tank & Maintenance

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