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2017 Guangzhou(China) International Aquarium Show (GIAS 2017) is Coming!

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default 2017 Guangzhou(China) International Aquarium Show (GIAS 2017) is Coming!

Post by Mandy on Tue 03 Jan 2017, 14:59

          2017 Guangzhou International Aquarium Show (GIAS 2017)
Date: April 7th-9th, 2017
Venue: Guangzhou International Sourcing Center
Address: No.8 Pazhou Avenue East, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China
Huge Market Potentials in Guangdong
Guangdong is Chinas biggest ornamental fish breeding and distributing base with thousands of aquarium manufacturers who annually ship billions of RMB worth of devices to all parts of the world. It is said that in Chinese big cities like Guangzhou, less than 10% households own an aquarium, which indicates Guangdongs aquarium market still has huge potentials.
Prospect for GIAS2017
Based on last years success, GIAS 2017, concurrently held with the 2nd China (Guangzhou) International Amphibians and Reptiles Expo (ARE2017) and China (Guangzhou) International Pet Industry Fair 2017(CPF2017), is expected to cover a show floor of 30,000. It is going to be packed with professional visitors from more than 45 countries and regions. Tens of concurrent events, such as industry summits, fish auctions, ornamental fish contests, carnivals, reception dinner, etc, are going to be the highlights of the show.
Relying on the advantage of its location, 2016 Guangzhou International Aquarium Show (GIAS2016) was an extraordinary success. Covering an exhibition area of 10,000, it was attended by over 100 exhibitors at home and abroad, such as Sunsun Aquarium, Cleair Aquatics, Hinaler, Guangdong Boyu, AquaBlue, Keelock, Lidia Aquarium, Tropical Fish International Pvt Ltd, etc. Concurrent activities, including Yangcheng Evening News·2016 Top Ten Aquarium Brands, the 1st GIAS International Bettas Contest, GIAS International Guppy Contest (China-America Exchanges), etc, enriched the show greatly.
Supported by influential media at home and abroad, GIAS is going to make the headline together with the 2nd Guangzhou International Amphibian Exhibition & Turtle Trading Fair and China (Guangzhou) International Pet Industry Fair 2017(CPF2017). Dont miss it!
Exhibition Scope
Aquarium livestock: all kinds of aquarium fishes, reptiles, amphibians, etc;
Aquarium products: aquariums, water pumps, air pumps, temperature control water treatment equipment, fishing gear, fishing tackle, lights, ornaments, artware, fish feeds, fish medicines, feeders, etc;
Others: aquarium landscape, aquatic photography, magazines, media, associations, research institutions, etc.
For more information, please refer to our website or twitter, or send e-mails to
Contact us
GIAS Organizing Committee
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Contact person: Mandy Tsang
Tel+86 20 29037372/ +86 15918775956
Fax+86 20 82579220

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